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What we can expect in Broadway negotiations
Travel: 21st century role of PREZ
Travel as a necessary part of Prez' role
How will spending union resources in DC help our Fund?
Relevance and Inclusion at 802
Increasing 802's political profile

MOMENTS with MEMBERS. The Gagliardi administration has identified some large and obvious problems that face our industry.  Declining membership, new work as yet uncovered, new populations of musicians unconnected to our union, and more.  Listen to MEMBERS candidates and rank-and-file members talk about the initiatives in place to address these problems.  

Tino Gagliardi talks 802 influence

President Gagliardi on 802's voice in politics

Martha Hyde talks Musicians Health Fund
Sara Cutler discussing the EAP
Sue Lorentsen on member/member harassment

Martha Hyde on the AFM pension fund crisis

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