I congratulate the incoming administration and wish them all the best in their new roles. Back when I was a freelance trumpet player, I knew that times were changing for musicians, and I got involved in the union because I passionately believed in protecting workers' rights. On the Executive Board and as President, I have been devoted to ensuring that musicians have not been left behind as new technologies changed our industry, applying new tactical and legal strategies to contract negotiations across all areas of the music business, and insisting that all bargaining objectives come directly from the musicians themselves. I'm proud of the work of my team, and of the contracts negotiated by our committees, and it's been an absolute honor to serve in this capacity on behalf of the finest musicians in the world.


President & Executive Director Tino Gagliardi

The MEMBERS Party would like to congratulate Adam Krauthamer, Karen Fisher and the whole MFC slate. The vote tallies were finalized this morning. MFC has won every position it ran a candidate for. Congratulations and best to the new leaders.

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  • Brought new communities under contract:

    • Winter JazzFest, Emerging Artists Project, Jazz Mentors Program, Teaching Artists, New Ensembles (Patriot Brass,etc.), Recording Engineers, New Theater Bargaining Units (Argyle Theater, etc.)

  • Improved wages: by 25% on Broadway since 2010

  • Implemented new technology: 802 website and Musicians of New York

  • Established close relations with NYC government

  • Empowered rank and file committees in over 50 negotiations since 2010

  • Avoided disastrous work stoppages at Lincoln Center while winning hard-fought contracts

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